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Muzvo Projects provides a project management, property and construction service whose aim is to ensure all parts of the project management cycle are properly managed in order to minimise losses in cost and time.

We have positioned ourselves to become among the leaders in all things project related from construction management to controls management in South Africa.

Our aim is to serve our clients and industry with the highest ethics as well as maintaining quality and professionalism which are the cornerstone of our business.

Muzvo Services

Our construction services, skills and knowledge across all areas of building construction are used with our Project Management function to ensure projects are executed efficiently.

Our aim is to be progressive thinking with regards to construction and we manage each project from initial concept to completion using our full range of collaborative, value- added services.


  • Residential: New builds, renovations, upgrades
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Tenant Fit Out and Coordination

Muzvo Property is an active property investment company that seeks to expand its property portfolio. We have a passion to provide decent affordable housing by innovative design and re-orientation of the inner city and surroundings at a low cost.

We look for opportunities to invest and partner with like-minded investors in the residential property space primarily in Gauteng using entry-level property as the underlying asset class. For us, buildings are not just bricks and mortar but an extension of ourselves. Best of all, we would like to create a property community that is learning from each other and helping each other reach our potential. The knowledge that we have was gained because someone showed us the way.


  • Rental Listing
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Property Blogs and Podcasts
  • Property Investment Training

Muzvo Capital Projects has been offering all construction project management services as per the SACPCMP identification of work and scope of services. Our skills set covers a variety of industries in all aspects of project management including mining, residential and industrial construction management.

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  • Project Planning
  • Cost Control
  • Construction Management
  • Human and Material Resource Management
  • Contract Management Services

Muzvo Capital Project Development services offers a service to companies and individuals who require assistance with the development of projects. Our Project Development services are either integrated with our Project Management and Construction services or provided as an independent service.


  • Scoping
  • Research and Feasibility Studies
  • Document prep for Tendering
  • Research and Feasibility Studies
  • Capital Costs Estimates
  • Arranging and Managing of Construction activities if required

Our Projects

Provision of project planning services

Buna Projects and Consulting

Project Management

Project Management service for the construction of 190-bed
students’ accommodation

Precinct Architects

Project Management

Upgrade of steam reticulation system at
Heidelberg Hospital

Uniflex Projects


Renovation of auditorium from 120 to 300 seater and
addition of office space

City Hill Church


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